Online Class Vs Traditional Class – Know the Difference

The debate on online class vs traditional class has become popular since the introduction of online education. Most would still stick to attending traditional classes because they feel that they won’t get much from online classes. On the other hand, those who online classes share that what they are learning are direct to the point and employers recognize credible online universities. Visit online for more details.So what we will breakdown the ups and downs of attending online classes and traditional classes.


  • Time: When it comes to traditional classes, students must follow the schedule provided to them. Some professors are strict with time and won’t even let the student in when he is only a minute late. With online classes, you study at your own time and for some there are no deadlines, this is because most people who are attending online classes already have jobs, businesses or family. But sometimes online students are also pressured with the requirements at work and at school.
  • Communication/Discussion: Questions are directed to the professor in class for a traditional setup and the student can get the answer right away. While in online class, questions are posted in discussion boards or sent through email where other students or the professor can answer. Sometimes, personal interaction will help the student better understand the answer to his questions unlike in discussion boards where answers are sometimes short.
  • Course Materials: These are provided as downloads and in different formats such as audio, text or video for online students. Since technology is highly used in any field, professors in traditional classes asks the students to research about a topic online and setups online portals where students can download course materials. The downside with this setup is that some of the course materials need explanation and students have to wait until the next class to ask about and sometimes it is not discussed and comes out in exams. Also, subjects discussed with online students are directly related to their course and no other extra subjects.
  • Credibilty of Professors: It is no doubt that online class vs traditional class both provides credible professors. Though, some say that online professors are not really professors but are just experts of a certain field and does not have a degree in education. But credible online universities assure their students that their professors are legitimate.

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