Learning About Dry Eyes Using Online Ophthalmologists Explanatory Videos

British Ophthalmologist Mr Teifi James has recorded a series of short videos that help to explain to dry eye sufferers the most common and bewildering condition and symptoms.

Each video is tightly edited to run for only a minute augenarzt-gesucht.de or two so that the information can be clearly understood by anyone unfamiliar with medical terminology. The videos can be replayed as often as required to build understanding and demonstrate clearly the courses of action that may be required.

The emphasis is placed on self help to try and reduce the hopelessness that our research told us that many dry eye sufferers have to endure. This is to supplement the professional medical or optometric care that the patients receive, not to replaceĀ  it.

Generally meetings with your medical or optometric carers take only a few minutes. This is not going to be enough to give you enough information to empower and reassure you that with the appropriate and committed care you will be able to cope much better with your dry eye discomfort.

The review page helps you to understand the sequencing of video tutorials so that you can choose which to pursue with the additional text support from its own devoted web page. Our research has shown that doctors and optometrists welcome the greater information content, particularly as it is from a highly experienced ophthalmologist and supported by transparent, openly peer reviewed advice.

From the review page dry eye you may link to other pages on the website to read detailed information that further builds on the main video messages.

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