Festive Season – A Catalyst for Realty Growth in Pune

The realty industry in Pune has been booming over the past few years. More and more young professionals are shifting to the city due to ample job opportunities by various sectors setting up offices here.Get more details about   https://www.globalrealty.com.mx/

IT is the leading sector setting up offices here. Not far behind, BPO, Manufacturing, Automobile sectors and many MNCs have also set up some state of the art offices here. According to Indian realty news UPS, Metro, and Hitachi are setting up design and development centers in the city. Likewise, existing companies like IBM, TCS, AND Cognizant are also looking to further add to their real estate portfolio.

Furthermore, Pune has growing demand of smaller office spaces ranging from 700 sq feet to 1,500 sq feet bracket. And now, as the festive season begins and continues right up to the end of the year, many businessmen invest in buying offices.

Pune was in fact, amongst the few cities that had many launches in the second half of 2012 according to latest reports. Builders and realtors are taking advantage of the festive season and are coming up with attractive offers for buyers to invest in.

There was news recently that the demand for commercial properties in Pune had gone down in recent months due to global and domestic uncertainties. But these dynamics keep changing every quarter. In this year’s quarter commercial properties for sale in Pune are expected to expand with many factors, festivals being one of them, playing the role of a catalyst.

The festive season that began with Janamashtami and continues with Navratri and Diwali has many people investing in commercial properties as most Indians consider festivals an auspicious time to invest in their business. What many people also do is select their commercial spaces months before and seal the deal on that auspicious day.

Taking this emotional connect people have with festivals; many builders construct their projects few months before and put commercial properties for sale on these auspicious days.

Not only sales but renting out office spaces is another popular concept among Puneites. Startups cannot afford to invest their already limited capital in buying an office space. So, they prefer to rent out before purchasing property. There are so many upcoming areas now in Pune offering office spaces at reasonable rents and reasonable prices too for those looking for buying properties.

Hence, if you looking for a commercial property here in Pune for renting or investing, there are a variety of options available. The time is apt. Take the step and invest in that perfect office space that is comfortable for your employees and you to work in and also your business fosters in the long run.

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