Employee Management is essential for every organization to stay stable in the market and perform for years to come with the same up going standards. In today’s world it is very difficult to manage and retain employees in any organization. Employee Management is nothing but a way to manage your employees for smooth functioning of your organization. These management skills can definitely help you to achieve the goals set and perform better on the performance metrics to run a profitable business. and Hamilton Lindley

For an effectively managed business you need to do proper planning and decide what needs to be done, how it needs to be done and who will do what. All this includes setting of targets, assigning the task, and managing the necessary resources that are available at the time. The main theme of Employee Management is proper allocation of the duties and responsibilities. One must be very careful while allocating responsibilities to employees. You must give the right person the right task, which should not be assigned on the grounds of personal interest but should be assigned according to the ability of an employee to get it done more efficiently and beneficially. This will ultimately help you to meet all the required performance standards.

Employee Management is not just limited to getting the work done but it also helps you to check the performance of an employee, whether or not an employee is an underperformer for a long period of time. To resolve this issue you basically have two options; you either terminate the services of that employee or motivate him to give a better performance. Amongst these two options, the best would always be to try and motivate the employee as employee management works on the principle of making people, rather than breaking them. Termination of an employee can sometimes become very stressful for both the management and the employee as it would again result in a loss of a trained resource for the company.

It is very necessary for an organization to retain their staff, and ultimately reduce the attrition rate as a successful organization operates on terms like ‘less the attrition, more the performance and more the output.’ There are few things which are very useful when you plan on employee management.

1) The benefits provided to an employee by an employer like insurance, transport etc; this will help you to secure the best employee.
2) Appraisal is the next most important part of employment management. Appraisal are mostly based on the overall performance of and employee during a quarter (depending on the organizational policies), here the employee must be given a chance to prove himself and move up the ladder which will not only make an individual happy but it will surely set an example to other employees and encourage them to work efficiently, as they have a better chance of growth in the same organization. This will ultimately reduce attrition as well as increase the performance.

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